ChaoxAngel - Glamazonian Possession

***Photosensitive Epilepsy Warning*** The video contains including flashing lights & patterns that could cause seizures in people - I've turned the flashing effect down because I got uncomfortable with the first cut of the video. The footage was shot and almost forgotten, until I've heard the song Elm Street from Audiomachine... I was very inspired by the the dissonant harmonics, laced with saw waves and banging percussions, which has a lot of mood. Editing took a while, so it syncs well with the soundtrack. The visualisation background is generated in winamp with the same song playing - and then it's captured using fraps screen capturing software. It's made to flash thru the video of the girls posing and dancing, covered in static and flashing effects. Everything is being put together in Sony Vegas Pro 13. The footage is being recorded with my A7R with a 70-200 Lens. Photographed, Retouched, Directed, Filmed, Edited by Richard (ChaoxAngel) Models & Styling: Ally + Cristina Make up: G Eyestar Music: Audio Engine - Elm Street

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