This is a Series of 3 interviews of Singapore Designers that I have conducted for this year's Blueprint Singapore.

In each interview, the designers talked about her inspirations, her exploration methods, and her ways of pushing the medium and technology.
This was my first interview project. They were recorded at ISO Studios with two Sony cameras, the A7 mark II and A7R.
"Conscious of the effect that our surroundings have on the evolution of our culture, ONE.61 marks a new era in the appreciation of Asian applied arts in fashion."
"Carrie K. creates playfully provocative artisan-crafted jewellery that challenges traditional notions of what makes something precious and desired."
"We believe that pleats are more than just a design for apparels. Everyone deserves a style that transcends fashion, the home and everyday living. We believe in all these and more, for you. That's why we focus on deconstructing and reconstructing each product, to rebirth it for the perfectly pleated touch."
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