Raw: The Skin We Live In

Raw: The Skin We Live In Designer: Ace Chia Photographed by Richard Chen Assistance by Chris Soo Styled by Ace Chia Styling Assistance by Chiang Xiaojun Make-up and Hair by Angel Gwee Models Simon S, Olesya P & Jeannine P @ Upfront Models Collection & Accessories by Ace Chia Xie Jieying ""Inspiration is derived from the study of anatomy of the human body. The concept revolves around the relationship between muscles and spinal columns to reflect the inner constitution as the exterior to portray an integrated entity. This collection also translates body violation with the idea of extreme body modifications and body art. The aim for this collection is to reflect human anatomy in an elaborated assemble while keeping the silhouette anthropomorphic in order to drive a balance between art, body and fashion."

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