Siren of the Woods

Siren of the Woods - a Reimagination a Project with [ESTHETIQUE Atelier] Stylist: Jeri Loh Makeup: Sha Shamsi Designer: Lidya Chrisfens (Call for the Siren) Model: Marjay Original Themes: The collection translates the narrative of the shipwrecks of ancient greece and romans era through the use of the rope as a visual representation. the rope is used as the main "fabric" throughout the entire collection, identifying the idea of the remains of the shipwreck to create the collection. seamless construction and the manipulation of fabrics is an emphasis in the collection as well. In this reimagining The team has have juxtaposed the collection against a landscape where the waters has receded, giving way to lush woods, the wrecks have given way to an overgrowth that eventually intertwined, and merged with the designs.

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